Thursday, May 26, 2016

Liberals Get It Wrong

What do liberals get wrong about guns? Answer: EVERYTHING. Their first mistake is blaming the guns, not the criminal HOLDING the gun. Their second mistake is taking away the right to self-defense from law-abiding people when the criminals never have any trouble getting their guns out of a back alley somewhere. They maintain the futile belief that a CRIMINAL, who obeys NO LAWS, will obey a law that says he can't be armed. They think delaying law-abiding people in getting their guns into operation when an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal attacks them is doing something that will keep “gun violence” from happening. Gun safes, trigger locks, and allowing people to carry guns concealed only if they're UNLOADED is “common sense.” It isn't. It's illogical. But they aren't smart enough to know that. Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists to come here, under the FICTION that they're “refugees.” And he's paying their way, with OUR money. The fact that 100% of these “refugees” are Muslims seems to escape them. Soon, they will be on our streets, raping little girls, boys, and grown women, and killing people for not believing in THEIR religion. It's coming, and we will need to have our own guns to defend ourselves against it, in addition to the everyday “gun crime” caused, not by law-abiding people, but by criminals. (Just common sense)

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