Monday, May 30, 2016

More Guns, More Violence?

What a crock that is! More guns in the hands of honest, law abiding people equals LESS VIOLENCE. Especially after most of the criminals wielding their ILLEGAL guns are killed by LEGAL gun owners. The anti-gun fools want us to believe we're having an “epidemic of gun violence.” We're NOT. According to FBI figures, murder rates are at their LOWEST in many years. These are facts. But facts contrary to their damned foolishness never seem to slow down the anti-gun fools. They just keep lying, and falsifying figures. Anti-gun fools tell us guns are designed to kill people. What they don't tell us is guns are also designed to PROTECT people from gun-toting CRIMINALS and crazies. Yes, we have the highest gun ownership of any nation (90 per 100 people), but we don't even come close to being the highest in the number of homicides. Honduras has that ignominious “honor.” One thing they are very careful NOT to tell us is that 92% of mass shootings between 2009 and 2014 happened in “gun-free zones,” which are a MAGNET for mass shooters. (iPatriot)

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