Friday, May 13, 2016

They Never Learn

Anti-gun fools never learn from experience. Their minds are permanently closed to reality. They think that all the have to do is make a law and everybody will obey it, Hey, dummies! Criminals don't OBEY laws. That's something that applies to ALL criminals. So if you make a law against carrying guns in a certain area, ILLEGAL gun owners SEEK OUT that area in which to commit their crimes because they can be pretty sure nobody will be LEGALLY armed there, to oppose them. Former mass shooters have told us they DO “seek out” no-gun zones. It's easier to kill and otherwise victimize people in those “zones.” Many “big box stores” such as Target and Wal-Mart have declared themselves to be “gun-free zones,” and the number of “gun incidents” on their property have predictably increased significantly. Will anti-gun fools learn by this? Not a chance. They aren't intelligent enough. Their lack of intelligence is proven by their insistence on creating more and more “gun-free zones,” and believing they will not CREATE more gun violence. (Yahoo Answers)

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