Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ya can't Ban It

So tax it unmercifully! Make it so expensive nobody can afford it! Obama has been searching desperately for ways to stop people from being able to buy guns, so he placed an unreasonable tax of $1,000.00 PER GUN on the purchase of guns. Guns are so expensive anyway, that, alone makes it almost impossible for many people to buy a gun. I know it would, me. But to put that much of a tax on the purchase is really STUPID. But Obama doesn't care about that. It will accomplish his purpose of DISARMING America, to some degree. To inhibit our right to own and use guns for self defense is unconscionable, but Obama doesn't care. It's what he wants, so that's what we're going to have. It will no doubt cause the purchase of guns to decline significantly in the areas that tax is in operation. Not because people don't want them, but because they just can't AFFORD that UNREASONABLE TAX he has put in their way. Obama has his own armed thugs to protect HIM, but he denies the rest of us the same right. That's what fools like him, do. So far, this tax is only effective in the Northern Mariana Islands, a U. S. Territory, but it WILL come here. Bet on it. (The Blaze)

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