Thursday, April 14, 2016

Anti-Gun Fairy Tales

The NRA has come up with a couple of “fairy tales” showing what would happen if the victims in the tales had been armed. One is “Red Riding Hood,” the other is “Hansel and Gretel.” Both ended with the wolf or the “wicked witch” no longer a problem. The “Brady Bunch” came up with their own “fairy tale,” starring “Alice in Wonderland.” It was supposed to reinforce their “fairy tale” that lots of kids kill themselves because they think guns are “playthings,” by having her shoot herself. Which it does. But one thing it IGNORES. The fact that families who TEACH their kids about guns and gun handling, and that they are NOT “playthings,” fare better in that respect, than families who treat guns as “the item that shall not be named.” Those kids have a much higher number of gun accidents than do families who actually TEACH their kids about guns—which is what NRA is all about, in addition to resisting all efforts to DISARM honest people, leaving the field open to ILLEGAL gun-owning criminals. (Nate Jackson)

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