Monday, April 25, 2016

"Only the Cops"

Should have guns, according to the anti-gun fools. “They're the only bunch who are responsible enough,” they say. As usual, they're not only wrong, but MASSIVELY wrong. In 1991, researcher L. B. Johnson did a study of domestic violence amongst police officers. His findings are amazing. He found that a full 40% of police officer's families experienced domestic violence, as opposed to just 10% among non-police families. The particular story linked here involves a cop who got in a gun battle with other cops. Are they REALLY the only group responsible enough to have guns? Not a chance. In fact, they're MORE apt to be involved in domestic violence than us “regular folks.” But the anti-gun fools persist in insisting otherwise, in the face of facts. But facts mean nothing to them, especially if the facts go against their preconceived notions. Notice this happened in Baltimore, where the mayor and the state's attorney hate cops. (Truth About Guns)

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