Thursday, April 21, 2016

They're Always Wrong

The anti-gun fools are always wrong in what they tell us. Sometimes it's an honest mistake, other times it's an outright LIE. They always poo-poo the whole idea that if honest Americans had their own guns, crime stats would drop. And they always do. Even in California, where they are excessively paranoid about gun ownership. Since 2003, gun sales started an upward trend, and have continued upward, ever since, in spite of their excessively stricy gun laws—and guess what? Gun violence has gone DOWN right along with the rise in legal gun sales. They really hate that, because it destroys their narrative. But it keeps happening. Not just in Calofornia, but everywhere it has been tried. Florida, for instance. It was predicted by the anti-gun fools that crimie rates would climb fast as they instituted their “loose gun laws.” But they have NOT, to their dismay. You'd think things l;ike that would cause them to rethink their position. But NO! It only makes them mad, and they not only continue to do stupid things, they do even stupider things—like banning BB guns. (Cal Gun Laws)

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