Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Useless Law

I've written many times about the USELESS anti-gun laws they keep passing that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. One such law is the “high-capacity magazine ban” they like to pass everywhere. Where they have been passed, they have had NO effect on gun violence. In fact, they have contributed to an INCREASE in gun violence. Other laws, such as the “empty gun” requirement in a state where “open carry” is allowed if the gun is empty, which makes the gun USELESS, are the norm, and they don't work, either. Likewise declaring a “gun-free zone” only keeps guns owned LEGALLY out, leaving things open for thugs to bring their ILLEGAL guns in and victimize people without opposition. Every idea they have seems to be totally USELESS in reducing gun violence, but they keep making their useless laws anyway, in their stupidity. I can only describe it as stupidity, because it is OBVIOUS to intelligent people that the laws they have so far passed DO NOT WORK, and they know it, but insist on making more of the same USELESS laws, over and over. (Breitbart)

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