Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Double Standard Rules

In Target Stores, law-abiding gun owners aren't allowed. At the same time, MEN are allowed in women's rest rooms and changing rooms, where the women often have to be naked, if the man “identifies” as a woman. Gee, golly, gosh! Does that mean that if I want to see some naked girls, all I have to do is SAY I'm a woman, and dress up like one, to be allowed into their dressing rooms? Wow! Somebody at Target has had a “stupid attack!” Meanwhile, owners of illegal guns can bring their guns into Target Stores, at will, because they don't OBEY such rules. All this means simply that, as an “unarmed American,” I'm in increased danger in a Target Store because I DO obey the law, and even “store policy” in stores operated under stupid rules. Will their policies be worth anything to me if I get shot to death by a criminal who brings his gun in their store while I'm there? (Breitbart)

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