Sunday, April 24, 2016

OK: Gun Freedom Near

Some tome ago, the Oklahoma governor vetoed a number of bills in what was called “a tantrum.” One of those was a bill which, if passed, would allow “:permitless open carry,” which, frankly, the Second Amendment actually guarantees, and which anti-gun politicians have wantonly violated, for years. Now a similar bill is up, and the question is, will she sign it? Or will the legislature override her veto this time? The governor has several options to veto the bill, but there is plenty of time left this time for an override. The big question is, what will she do? It's really too bad a biased politician can hold up a bill supporting a constitutional right, in fact, if not in theory. Owning and using guns is a Constitutional right, but politicians have perverted it to support their own biases. Slowly, we're winning. But not without stout opposition from anti-gun politicians who want guns only in the hands of themselves and their cohorts, but never in the hands of the “serfs.” (Gun Watch)

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