Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More Roadblocks

They can't just BAN guns. So they're doing everything they can to make the guns we do own USELESS. They make laws to impose gun locks, that slow us down in getting the gun into operation when we're threatened by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. They insist we keep your guns in “lock boxes” that again slow us down when attacked. They impose “gun-free zones” and sponsor “gun buyback programs,” which spend a lot of our money and give criminals more money for their old, unusable guns to use in buying newer, better ones. The next thing is to make it more expensive and more difficult to buy ammunition. A gun without ammunition is a door stop. They now want to REGISTER those buying ammunition and LICENSE them, after a BACKGROUND CHECK on the purchaser.. And they want to TAX the purchase, making ammunition more expensive.(Eagle Rising)

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