Saturday, April 9, 2016

He's Not Satisfied

Obama is not satisfied with the current number of Islamic terrorists being allowed into this country, so he's going to have his own “surge,” which will INCREASE their numbers considerably. Apparently, he's not satisfied with the low number of Americans being killed by Islamic terrorist attacks here. So he's doing something about it. More Americans killed by guns (which Islamic terrorists use a lot, when they're not beheading or raping children and adults), which will give him excuses to make even more of his USELESS “gun laws.” He wants to import 10,000 of them by September 30th. That's going to cause many more gun deaths in America, especially in California, Chicago, and other places where “gun laws” as we know them, are tight. In support of this hair-brained idea, he's “interviewing” 600 Muslims a DAY, which is costing US a LOT of money to pay those “interviewers.” Plus the money he spends to pay their way here. All of which he steals from the taxpayers. (Washington Examiner)

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