Sunday, April 17, 2016

They Wanted Drugs

But they got some lead, instead. They knew this old man had a lot of prescription drugs in his home. He's old (so am I). And most old people have to get a lot of drugs (me, too). They wanted some, so they broke in his house and threw him down on his couch, right next to where he kept his gun. So he shot one of them, and both fled, one with wounds. He went a hospital later, and was arrested. We don't know if he “flipped” on his unwounded buddies, but this should be a lesson to thugs like those. You don't get old by being dumb. The Gawker thinks “old folks” shouldn't have guns because they aren't strong enough to handle them. Why then, do so many “old folks” shoot so many burglars and holdup men? It's like most things anti-gun fools tell us. It's WRONG. (Second Amendment Insider)

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