Friday, April 29, 2016

Self Defense Is Not Legal!

Because the attacker, if killed, is “deprived of his legal rights.” Izat so? That's what Huffington Post thinks, anyway. Whoever wrote this is completely devoid of knowledge of human rights (or anything else, for that matter). Human rights demand that we be able to defend ourselves against an attacker, even if we kill him/her in the process. It will be defined as “justifiable homicide.” He/she is NOT “entitled to a fair trial if he/she gets killed in the process of trying to victimize others. The fact that he/she threatens OUR rights with his/her gun is reason enough to kill him/her WITHOUT a trial. His/her threat with a gun is prima facie evidence he/she plans to kill somebody, and deserves to be killed, him/herself. “ To say this is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read would be an  understatement.  It is certainly an indicator of how far the left will go in it’s “reasoning” to deny you the use of a gun and your basic right to self-defense. I said “basic” but self-defense is indeed an inherent right. You need no one’s permission to exercise it because you own your life and without protecting it, you would obviously cease to exist.“ (Elm Tree Forge)

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