Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Gun Maker Immunity"

That's what Hillary is whining about now. She thinks people victimized by criminals, using ILLEGALLY-obtained guns, should be able to SUE the maker of that gun for damages. It's just one more way for liberals to make it harder on honest Americans, who only want to be able to defend themselves against those criminals. If she gets this passed, no manufacturer of ANY product will be safe against such suits, for which they are not responsible. For instance, if a “crazy man” steals a car and drives through a crowd at a bus stop, should the car maker be responsible? Hell, no! The maker can't be responsible every time somebody misuses his product. This idea is DESIGNED to kill the gun industry, but, as usual, liberals don't look at the big picture. Thus, they don't see how this can destroy commerce, period. (Bearing Arms)

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