Monday, April 11, 2016

"Old Folks Can't Shoot?"

We recently commented about a liberal news source (Gawker) saying elderly people shouldn't be allowed to have guns because they're too “old and weak” to use them. But don't try to tell that to the guy who was trying to break into this elderly gentleman's home. Oh. I forgot. You can't. He's dead. This “old guy” fired a “warning shot” that killed him. So much for “old folks” not being able to properly use guns for self defense. The other two bad guys are probably still running. “Gawker alert!” You were wrong, and your article showed age discrimination. That makes you bigots. But you can tell the “bad guys” this “old guy” properly handled his gun if you ever find them in the “tall and uncut,” where they were headed when last seen. That should be a warning to burglars who want to “target” old folks because of that Gawker article—DON'T. Not if you want to stay alive. And don't bring a baseball bat to a gunfight. Not if you want to go home tonight. The “authorities” are wondering why this old guy had a gun near at hand. But the answer is simple: to deal with such as those three thugs. Or any others that might show up. And, being old, he might not have been able to get to his gun fast enough if it was hidden away in the “gun safes” some laws require. Or if it was secured by a “gun lock.” (Bearing Arms)

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