Friday, April 8, 2016

"It's Outrageous Claptrap!"

That's what the NRA has to say about the recent article claiming “old people” should not be allowed guns because they're “too feeble” to be able to use them. That this was a bigoted and condescending statement is obvious. Only a FEW “old folks” are “too feeble” to use a gun, but that doesn't make them legally banned from owning one. The article suggested they “just wait for help to arrive,” which could be their DEATH. I agree with the NRA on this, because I am one of those “old folks” and, while I can barely walk because of old injuries, I'm fully able to aim and fire a weapon if necessary. Such things should only be decided on a “case by case basis” with only the most infirm “old folks” being affected. If such people even WANT to be armed. To get a gun probably isn't something that's on their minds. In this article, the NRA gives many good suggestions on gun handling for folks with somewhat less hand strength, for automatic weapons. Revolvers, however, are a lot less trouble for “old folks” and I recommend them. Yes, they have smaller amounts of ammunition without reloading. But if an old person needs more than six, he/she's in trouble, anyway. (America's 1st Freedom)

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