Friday, April 8, 2016

Is Schumer The Dumbest?

Is he the dumbest anti-gun politician out there? NO. There are many stupid politicians and a lot of other dumb people vying for that title. I'm reminded of that female politician in Washington State who is known for her anti-gun attempts, and who blurted out one day, “Guns shock and sicken me," thus admitting publicly her bias. But Schumer is one of the strongest stupid politicians on gun issues, because of his position. He's against the “cell phone-looking” two-shot, hard to reload derringer as if it would be a real danger. It's not. But don't tell him that. It's a gun, isn't it? And he doesn't want ANYBODY in America to have a gun, of any kind (except for him or his liberal friends, of course). This gun is a perfectly legal product, but he is “calling down” the full weight of the federal government on the company proposing it, even though it has not yet even come up with one. In a real world, the manufacturer would be able to sue him for slander after the LIES he has told about their product. But unfortunately, they made laws that exempt themselves from such things that us peasants must suffer under if we libel anybody. What he's doing is feeding the “anti-gun hysteria” among liberals, and hoping we'll take it up and allow him to BAN it. (Bearing Arms)

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