Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are We Terrorists?

Hillary thinks we are, if we have, or want to have guns for self defense. This is a typical liberal way to assign false images to her opponents—and we ARE her opponents, in this issue, and many others. But I have never murdered anybody. I have not beheaded any children to make a point. Nor have I ever raped anybody or done the other things terrorists do. I RESENT the implications of her portrayal of me, just because I don't want to be defenseless if a thug or real terrorist confronts me with HIS gun. This opinion, on her part, is but one more reason why she should never be allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Not even as a visitor. Somebody needs to slap this fool down (figuratively speaking, of course, for you feds looking for “key words.”). This is a common scam used by liberals forever. Call their opponents names, and intimate they're “really bad people.” They do the same when asked a “tough question” they can't answer without hurting themselves. Just call the questioner names, and impute nastiness into what they're saying, without even ATTEMPTING to answer their question. People like that are SCUM, and should not be considered for ANY elected, or appointed office. (Eagle Rising)

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