Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gun-Free Zone

Guns aren't allowed at Wal-Mart. So how did two cops get shot, and an armed suspect killed there? Could it be that the suspect ignored their no-gun policy? Noooo! Why would anybody do that? I thought laws and policies that didn't allow guns would mean people are safer there. They're not, you say? Are those anti-gun fools WRONG? Everybody says they're so smart. But it seems like every time their laws, policies, and regulations are tested, to turn out to be useless. Surprise, surprise! At least, to them. But not to INTELLIGENT people, who know all about criminals and other “bad guys” who don't bother to OBEY their laws, policies, or regulations. So what do they do when people ignore them and bring their guns, anyway? Other than dying, they just make more of them! Seriously, folks, when are we going to be smart enough to throw these people in the sh-tcan and elect some intelligent people? (Town Hall/AP)

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