Friday, April 22, 2016

Gun Ban Unconstitutional

Remember the story we ran a few days ago about the total gun ban in the Northern Mariana Islands (an American territory)? It didn't take the Supreme Court long to declare it unconstitutional. I don't know what the politicians there thought they could get away with, but this is apparently not one of them. Just how the Constitution applies to the Northern Mariana Islands is complicated, since it is not an actual state, but merely a “territory. But it is solid that the Second Amendment DOES apply there. Maybe they thought since they were an insignificant territory, nobody would notice if they banned guns. But the Second Amendment foundation did, and they took immediate action, which resulted in this decision. One of their citizens wanted a gun after his wife was brutally beaten, but the Island government didn't recognize family protection as a good reason for him to have a gun (as governments usually do, in their ignorance and incompetence). SAF took interest because of the seriousness of his need for a gun, and “righted a wrong.” This decision nullified the government's opposition, as it should have. (Second Amendment Foundation)

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