Monday, April 18, 2016

Could Have Called 9/11!

That's what the family of a thug who entered a convenience store and forced the employees to the ground, wielding his ILLEGALLY-owned gun are saying. Meanwhile, a friend of one of the employees got his LEGALLY-owned gun and killed the thug. Fat chance that would do any good, unless a cop was parked right out front and could have done what he did, which is doubtful. Sure, the cops could “document the scene,” get rid of the body or bodies, and MAYBE apprehend the killer or killers later, but what the hell good would that do the victims? Families that criticize people for defending themselves against their illegally-armed thugs are STUPID. The guy who killed the thug is NOT the “bad guy” here. If that thug had not threatened the people in that store with HIS gun, he wouldn't be dead now. I feel no sorrow over his death. He brought it on himself. (Bearing Arms)

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