Friday, April 15, 2016

He's Gonna "Fix It"

I'm trying to stay neutral here, but Ted Cruz is doing things that make me lean more and more to his side and away from Trump. Of course, since he isn't yet a government electee, he can't do the things Cruz is doing. But Cruz is going “right to the heart” of Obama's scheme to make life miserable for gun dealers. He has sponsored a bill (with Mike Lee, of Utah) to put a stop to Obama's regulatory abuse of gun dealers. It's “The Financial Institution Consumer Protection Act.” This act, if it becomes law, will put a stop to Obama's regulatory agencies bullying financial institutions into denying gun dealers loans unless they have good and solid, LEGITIMATE reasons. I only hope this bill will pass, considering how many anti-gun FOOLS are voting. Not to even mention all the subservient to Obama Republicans who are voting, too. The Deck is truly stacked against gun dealers, who are selling a legal product, now. (Courtney O'Brien)

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