Saturday, April 9, 2016

The People Speak

The government proposes, the people oppose. Obama and his fools think we should not be armed and able to defend ourselves against ILLEGALLY armed criminals, crazies, and soon Islamic terrorists, which he is importing at taxpayer expense, by the hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile, the people buy more guns than ever before, and gun sales go “through the roof.” More guns have been sold recently than ever before. And that doesn't even count the guns sold by illegal dealers, to criminals and other “bad guys,” under the table. Sorry, Obama, the people insist on being able to defend themselves. And they have the right to do so, guaranteed by the Constitution. And that right remains, in spite of all your attempts to do away with it, and all your attempts to put roadblocks in the way of gun ownership and use, like gun locks, forcing owners to store their guns inaccessibly, gun-free zones, etc. You're governing against the will of the people, not only in gun rights, but other rights you have successfully taken away or diffused with excessive regulation, like penalizing people for objecting to letting men stand beside women in the same restroom while they “do their business.” You are a FOOL, and we will be well rid of you in January, 2017. If not, we will “take you out.” You can only walk on free people for so long before they get rid of you. (Town Hall)

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