Sunday, April 3, 2016

More "Gun-Free" Ignorance

Greensboro, NC based “Fresh “Fresh Markets” caved in to the demands of “Moms for insensible gun policy” (or some such damfoolishness) and is now “asking” their customers not to bring guns into their stores. If I lived there, that would be a signal to me that they don't want me to bring my BODY or my money into their stores, either, because, with a “stroke of a pen” they made any visit to their stores more dangerous for me. All because they're IGNORANT of the fact that criminals, who have their ILLEGAL guns, and no fear of violating their policy, can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed there, and they will meet no armed opposition. In other words, an “easy target.” No gun policies, like ALL the current “gun laws” or “policies,” do not work, and make it more dangerous for honest people to be where such policies are in force. Soon, there will be several illustrations of this, as armed criminals (who obey NO LAWS or “policies”) come in and victimize the UNARMED people in their stores. (Bearing Arms)

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