Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Sign of Truth

This gun shop just wanted to sell guns, so it put up a sign reading, “How to piss off Obama—buy a gun.” They hoped a little chuckle would bring some people who wanted a gun to their shop. But some wag took a picture of it and put it on the web. It “went viral” right away. The sign was posted after Obama's recent speech, where he advocated banning gun sales to people on the “No fly List,” another of his “get-arounds” to the Second amendment. People can be put on the “No Fly List” at someone's simple wish. There are no guidelines, except what Obama places on it, at his whims, and they are so broad, he could put Mother Theresa on the list, at will. With no reason required to be given. Truth is, Americans have bought 100 million guns since Obama came into office, making him the best gun SALESMAN ever! A designation he fervently wishes to avoid. (Tipsheet)

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