Monday, April 4, 2016

Switzerland Safer Now

I wonder why? Could it be that gun permit applications are up? And more Swiss are armed and can defend themselves against illegally armed criminals? Our politicians say no. But reality proves otherwise. Switzerland has a “militia system” where citizens are considered to be members of a “national militia” and are required to keep guns in their homes. We “flirted with” such a system at the time the Constitution was written, which is the reason the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution. But guns were only ALLOWED, and not REQUIRED. In the long run, it was mostly abandoned, as the left-wing anti-gun fools became more successful in blaming the guns for “gun violence.” Switzerland, however, maintains it, which means armed criminals have a tougher time of it, since “looser” gun laws always mean more difficulty in getting illegal guns. As I have always said, more guns in the hands of law-abiding people means more crimes with “sharp instruments.” Gun crime hasn't gone down everywhere, but lower gun crime has been a TREND in most places there. We could take a lesson from them, but with our incompetent politicians, we won't. And we will keep fighting over whether or not honest people can be armed, while criminals continue to get their guns illegally and kill more honest people. (Swiss Info)

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