Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Ready! Fire! Aim!"

As usual, they're aiming in the wrong direction when somebody got killed with an ILLEGAL weapon, which it is ALREADY ILLEGAL TO OWN or carry. The New Orleans Saints reporter Brian Alee Walsh is calling for more of the same “gun control” crap that has NOT worked in the past, and which only disarms honest, law abiding people. Of course, that makes it easier for people like the fool who killed former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith, over a “fender bender” (it appears). One day maybe, we'll elect some INTELLIGENT politicians who will “take aim” in the right direction before passing laws that DO NOT do what they are supposed to do, and pass laws that WILL “reduce gun violence.” But since turning blue doesn't appeal to me, I won't be holding my breath until that happens. (Bearing Arms)

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