Monday, April 25, 2016

Using Any Excuse

Obama is using anything he can think of to deny the constitutional right to gun ownership to as many groups as possible, so as to “get around” the Constitutional prohibition on BANNING guns, period. Now he is having vets who have people other than themselves handle their finances deemed “mentally defective,” even though they aren't. But his bureaucrats so deem them, and he has a “policy” of denying them the right to have, and use guns for self defense, in spite of the Second Amendment. Remember, these are people this government employed and TRAINED to handle guns for the defense of this country. And now they're “:mentally deficient” because they let others handle their money? What a damned FOOL idea that is! But it is the one he is promoting. I guess there is simply NO underhanded scam he will not use to get his way. (The Gun Shots)

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