Thursday, April 7, 2016

"He Disagrees! Fire Him!"

Like most liberals, they just can't stand opposition, of any kind. Richard Jurgena, recently appointed to the board that gets to decide who may be allowed to “concealed carry,” thinks the requirement that an applicant have “good reason” to need to carry a gun is unconstitutional—which it is—should be removed from the board, They say they want to make sure their board members are not “philosophically opposed” to what they do. Meaning they want them to be “philosophically BIASED in FAVOR of what they do. They just can't stand the idea that one of their own would be philosophically opposed to ANYTHING they do. So they naturally want to get rid of him. They'd prosecute him and imprison him if they could. Like they want to do to “global warming deniers.” Oh. I forgot. It's “climate change” now, so they can attribute ANY kind of weather anomaly to it. They're deathly afraid of ANYBODY who disagrees with them. Just like they are, here, and want to get rid of them, at ALL costs. (Baltimore Sun)

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