Friday, April 1, 2016

Laws for Us, Not for Them

That's how it is with politicians. They make laws we have to follow, and exempt themselves from them. This is true in the Arizona legislature, as well as many other places, where pro-gun laws get “shot down.” Maybe next time you see that headline, you should see if they were shot down with real bullets, since Arizona lawmakers can carry guns into their lawmaking body, whereas we can't. You can bring a gun into the legislature, but not if you're not a member of the House. They recently quietly removed the “No Guns Allowed” sign from the back entrance (the one used by the legislators, of course). But they left the signs up on the front entrance—the ones we peasants use. The Speaker of the House says it's “perfectly legal” to make laws that apply to us peasants, but not the “exalted” lawmakers. (Arizona Central)

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