Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clinging to Their Stupidity

We tell them and tell them their ideas don't work. Their laws get people KILLED, and do NOTHING to “stem gun violence,” and it's as if we said nothing at all. They keep declaring certain places as “gun-free zones,” and the very next day, or next week, some fool brings a gun into that place and shoots somebody. It's like they want to prove us right. But the anti-gun fools STILL don't “get the message.” They call for “more gun laws” and spend time and money making the same old, tired laws that accomplish NOTHING. They establish databases listing legal gun owners that ignore ILLEGAL gun owners who don't “sign up” for their vaunted databases. Business owners put up signs saying, “no guns allowed” and right away some fool comes in and robs them at gunpoint. And they call for more gun laws that do NOTHING. This is repeated every time some fool uses a gun to kill people.

They cling to their stupidity, no matter how many times we point out what stupidity it is. What's WRONG with these people? All they have to do is give honest, law-abiding people the right to own and use the means to their self-defense, a gun, and soon all the ILLEGAL gun owners who try to victimize people will be either dead or in prison. And when they're dead, they won't be “committing gun violence” any more. And when they're in prison, they won't either—as long as they stay in prison, if Obama doesn't “commute their sentences.” That will significantly reduce gun violence. But they won't hear of it. They ridicule people who suggest it, even though it has been PROVED it works everywhere it has been tried. How many people have DIED in Chicago, where every stupid law they push has been tried? We need to re-educate these people if they're capable of learning ANYTHING. (Breitbart)

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