Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anti-Gun Senator Arrested

Anti-gun senator Jamila Nasheed got sloppy drunk and was arrested. And guess what she had in her possession when arrested? A nine-millimeter GUN and extra clips! I've always thought anti-gun fools were not only fools in what they push, but are armed, too. They all think they have a “special right” to be armed, while us peasants do not. She's not the only anti-gun fool that goes armed. Sen. Feinstein, one of the most vitriolic anti-gunners, carries her own gun, in addition to her ARMED security people that follow her around like puppies. Some time ago, an anti-gun columnist caught a naked swimmer in his private pool, came out with gun in hand, and shot at him. The news reports don't mention the kid being hit, so the columnist must be a lousy shot, as well as a hypocrite. Anti-gun politicians, as a rule, don't go around armed, They can afford (with our money) to HIRE people to carry their guns FOR them, so they don't need it. This happened in Ferguson, MO, where they're still ignoring facts and protesting the killing of Michael Brown, who was killed as he tried to take a cop's gun. One of these days they might get it. But I have my serious doubts. They're apparently not intelligent enough. Nasheed is an American Muslim. That explains a lot. (ETF News)

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