Friday, June 3, 2016

Anti-Gun Fool Illusion

Or should I call it a DELUSION? They are DELUDED if they think ANY of the “gun laws” they currently have in force will do ANYTHING to stop people like the UCLA shooter from getting a gun. This killer bought his gun legally in Minnesota. In so doing, he passed one of Obama's “strict background checks, since he didn't have a criminal record. So far, he's obeyed every law. Then he went and killed a woman whose name was on his “kill list,” and set out for Los Angeles on his kill spree. In so doing, he broke the laws of every state he passed through concerning carrying guns in their territory, including that of California. Then he took his gun onto a college campus, which was a “no-gun zone,” breaking another law. Arriving there, he murdered a professor, whose name was also on his kill list, then killed himself. What existing law could have stopped him? Maybe if that professor had been able to carry a gun, he could have been stopped before his last murder, maybe not. The point is, this guy obeyed, and disobeyed laws as it was convenient for him. He was not stopped in his evil intentions, by ANY law. Especially the “no gun policy” on college campuses. They're USELESS. (Gun Mart)

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