Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trying A New Tack

The anti-gun fools don't give up. They have suffered many failures lately in their efforts to take away our guns and make us defenseless as Obama imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who want to kill us or force us to “convert” to their phony religion. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that the American people aren't going to let them disarm us as more and more criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists get more and more ILLEGAL guns to use in killing us. So now they're trying a new tack. They're urging their brain-dead accomplices to have “sit-ins” in various places, like the one THEY did in Congress. One that failed because they didn't want to miss their vacations. They want their fools to do want they couldn't finish. But it ain't gonna work, as it didn't work in Congress. The American people are too dead set against being disarmed in the face of increasing gun threats. (Star Tribune)

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