Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Proving Our Point

Cops in Palm Springs made 30 arrests, confiscated 23 illegally-owned guns, and 2 rocket launchers after a nine month investigation of gang members. Which proves our contention that most of the “gun problems” are caused by gangs, who don't OBEY “gun laws.” Whatever makes them think limiting guns for law-abiding people will do anything to slow down, or stop “gun violence” is a mystery. Of course, telling anti-gun fools the facts is futile. To them, facts that don't support their preconceived notions just don't exist. They go right over them with their lies about guns. Just about every man or boy in those gangs is too young to be allowed to own guns. But they all do. And they use them to victimize law-abiding people, who are mostly disarmed by the government laws and regulations that make them “easy targets.” (Desert Sun)

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