Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Banning Guns Is Useless

I've said, many times, that banning guns was a useless endeavor, because it only applies to HONEST people while the very people they're supposed to inhibit in using guns in a malevolent manner IGNORE them, and get their guns ILLEGALLY, either buying them on the black market, or simply stealing them. But the anti-gun fools insist on making more and more of them, even though they've been proven (all of them) to be ineffective in keeping guns away from criminals, crazies, or Islamic terrorists. In Turkey, where that have all but BANNED gun ownership to ALL their citizens, three Islamic terrorists brought their guns (where did they get 'em?) into an airport and started killing people. They didn't get very far, but they killed about 50 or more people in the process. All where guns are not allowed to be in the possession of anybody but cops and government agents. What gives? I thought lack of legal guns would stop stuff like this. You mean it doesn't? Golly! (AmmoLand)

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