Saturday, June 25, 2016

GOP "Afraid" of NRA

That's what John Legend (who?) says. He says the ONLY reason Congress won't pass their stupid anti-gun legislation is because Republicans are afraid of the NRA. Of course, there's no other possible reason, right? It's not possible that Americans don't believe the anti-gun fools' pipe-dream that all you have to do is “make a law” and lawbreakers will obey it when they don't obey other laws, and want the means to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Anti-gun fools are really stupid. They prove it every time they open their mouths, or sponsor a bill in Congress. None of the laws they have made in the past have ever done ANYTHING to “stem the tide” of gun violence, but that makes no difference to them. Making such laws are part of their “religion” and, like members of other religions, they take it on “faith” that their laws will work, while all they do is get people killed because they haven't the means to self defense. And now Democrats in the Congress do something juvenile like a “sit-in” to protest the fact that four of their latest fiascoes were rejected by the Congress. They call that “inaction.” They say they "just want a vote," but they've already had one. They just didn't get there way. (Daily Caller)

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