Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Knockout Game" Lesson Learned

Marvell Weaver, a 17-year-old thug who thought the “knockout game” was a lot of fun, learned a hard lesson when he tried it on a concealed carrier. He walked up to a man at a bus stop and pushed his finger (pretending it was a gun) into his side, and got shot, since the guy had his own real gun, carried legally. He survived, but he will recuperate in prison for the next year. He said himself, that he “learned a hard lesson.” He had practiced the “knockout game” several times, whenever he was bored, which was a lot, without a problem (for him). But his luck ran out this time. If he had died, liberals would have made a big deal out of it, trying to criminalize the man who shot him, painting him as an "innocent boy." With the sales of guns skyrocketing as Obama tries valiantly to stop it, practitioners of this game will run into more and more armed victims, and become victims themselves, as this kid did. Yes, he learned a “hard lesson,” and I hope it “takes.” For his own good. The next guy might be a better shot. (Town Hall)

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