Monday, June 27, 2016

Baltimore Leads the Nation

In the increase in number of murders since Freddy Grey's death an d the “criminalization” of six innocent cops, who were just doing their duty showed that the Baltimore state's attorney “had it in for the cops by charging them with crimes, including murder with evidence so thin it hasn't a chance to hold up in court. Criminals have gotten the message, and have reacted with great alacrity, killing wantonly, ever since. Every cop so charged, so far, has been either found not guilty, or had a “hung jury,” showing that the jury could not find him guilty, but were afraid to just “let him go,” as they did in a later trial with another of the six cops so charged. I predict the same will happen with the rest of those unjustly charged cops as each comes up for trial. Who gets to pay their legal expenses doesn't seem to enter into it. And the mental anguish they suffered, combined with having no income for so long, as well.(Baltimore Sun)

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