Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Loaded Glock Beats 9/11"

That's the opinion of a California Assemblywoman, who was horrified by the latest silly actions on gun control by Democrats. How a Republican got elected in California is beyond me, but Shannon Grove, (R-Bakersfield) says, “A loaded Glock beats 9/11 on the phone, any day.” And she's right, even if mostly none of her colleagues agree with her. She made her comments at a Second amendment Freedom Rally held on the steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. She was joined by other Republicans (Surprise, surprise! There's more than one Republican in California!) in this sentiment. It's strange, in a state so adamantly hateful of guns, for her to arrive at such an opinion, but maybe it's a start towards common sense in one of the worst states for gun ownership in the nation. She thinks California politicians want to disarm their citizens as a way to make them completely dependent on the government—which, of course, cannot be everywhere, while a Glock in the pocket of an honest, law-abiding person, CAN be. I think it's more than that. The politicians FEAR an armed populace when they come to take what doesn't belong to them, as they ultimately plan to do. (Breitbart)

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