Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ninth Circus Rules

The liberal “Ninth Circus” Court has ruled. The most reversed court in the land has ruled. They ruled in favor of California's requirement that applicants show “good and proper reason” to need to carry a gun in order to get a “carry permit.” And in so doing, said that Americans have NO right to carry a gun for self protection, or for anything else. This is a good example of what we'll get nationally if Hillary gets elected and is able to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. “Rulings” that are patently AGAINST the Constitution, when their only job is to UPHOLD the Constitution. Liberals on the Supreme Court are famous for ruling AGAINST the Constitution, even though they are THERE to UPHOLD it. They are dishonest, and commonly rule, not by what the Constitution SAYS, but by their prejudices and BIASES. It is through liberals on the court that liberals plan to eliminate the Constitution as an obstacle to their intentions, forever. Little by little they “nibble” at it with rulings like this. Their next move is to get the Second Amendment repealed. After that will be the First Amendment. When that happens, this will cease to be a free country, when the ability to criticize the government without fear of criminal prosecution is removed, They're already working on it (in California, where else?) with their attempts to criminalize criticism of global warming acolytes. The source listed here is a liberal site, so take what they write with several grains of salt. (Slate)

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