Friday, June 10, 2016

Whomping Up Their Press Releases

I just watched a live shot of a shooting that happened at Dallas Love Field in Texas and I'll guarantee you the anti-gun forces, without waiting for the facts, are “whomping up their press releases” and their appeals for more money from those gullible fools who agree with their absurd notion that making laws against LAW-ABIDING people having guns will stop gun violence. One guy was filming, and predictably, as soon as shots were heard, his aim with the camera went crazy so you couldn't see the important part of the shooting. He finally got it under control and what appeared to be two cops aiming their guns into the terminal could be seen. One person has been transported to the hospital.It was the attacker, who had no guns. Only big rocks, which he tried to use on the cop. The only shots fired were fired by the cop. Look for the anti-gun fools to make hay out of this. (RT Question More)

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