Wednesday, June 1, 2016

They Won't Report It

A concealed carrier opened fire on a gunman in Texas who had already shot several people and by so doing, kept him from killing more until SWAT arrived and killed him. But the media, in their reports, didn't mention that, glossing over his actions in saving many lives, at the risk of his own. Which is common, and is one reason why the anti-gun fools get away with telling us things like that just don't happen. Byron Wilson, who was shot three times by the shooter, grabbed his gun and returned fire, thwarting the shooter's plans to kill more, and leading to his death when he was killed by SWAT (the shooter, not Wilson). It's so common for the liberal media to ignore things like this that do not support their agenda, that it isn't even usually a subject for comment. But in this case, somebody noticed, and “word got out.” Thanks for that. (Bearing Arms)

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