Monday, June 6, 2016

"Subject To Reasonable Regulation"

HIllary says, “Okay, owning guns is a constitutional right.:But, like any other constitutional right, it is subject to reasonable regulation.” “Reasonable” regulation? Gimme a break! Liberals always call their attempts to circumvent, and make moot, the Second Amendment, “reasonable.” But they're anything BUT “reasonable.” But this statement told us a lot more than she intended. She revealed her plan to strip us of our constitutional right to be armed in self-defense, by making very UN-reasonable regulations that will make the guns we have, USELESS. Her “reasonable regulations” include such stupid things as “no gun zones,” gun locks, trigger locks, and even allowing people to CARRY their guns, but the guns must be UNLOADED! Tell me—what the hell good does an UNLOADED gun in your pocket do you when you encounter an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal in the process of committing a crime? He doesn't give a good damn about the “reasonable regulation” that any gun carried must be unloaded! He'll KILL you while you load your gun. Of course, the liberal-run Washington Post says that what she says is “wavering” on gun control. And we're supposed to BELIEVE that crap! (Washington Post)

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