Sunday, June 5, 2016

California Outlaws Free Speech!

In addition to several really STUPID anti-gun laws, California passed a law to allow them to punish anybody who criticizes global warming. I will never go there again. And I will continue to criticize those stupid enough to believe that horse manure, including Obama and, screw California. I lived in that insane state for years, and I didn't notice how STUPID they were, because I, like a lot of Americans, was not paying much attention to politics at the time, to my loss. I completely missed the “Reagan Revolution.” But I finally got smart, after listening to Rush Limbaugh on my brother's front porch, one day. I noticed that, while he is brash and overbearing in some ways, he speaks the truth. I don't agree with all of his OPINIONS, but I've never caught him in a lie. To those who think I'm stupid for listening to him, I say, YOU are the stupid ones. He woke me up, and I've been staying awake ever since. Anybody who makes a law against ANYBODY'S OPINION must have taken an overdose of “stupid pills,” which are easily obtainable in California. (Eagle Rising)

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