Sunday, June 12, 2016

"It's Just Not True!"

Obama says, “The notion that I, Hillary, or any other Democrat wants to take away your guns is just not true!” It isn't? Then why are you—all of you—working so hard to do just that? Do you really think intelligent people will believe that garbage just because you say it? Especially when we KNOW how much you love to LIE, knowing we know you're lying? The way for us to know what you're really doing is to NEVER listen to what you SAY, but keep track of what you DO. Your actions put the LIE to such statements, on your part. Just as when you say the economy is in great shape, when we KNOW it is NOT. With 96 million Americans are not only out of work, they have given up on ever finding a meaningful job again and have left the work force, allowing you to stop counting them, which is how you can claim such low unemployment numbers. When the national debt is now DOUBLE what it was when you took office. Give us a BREAK! (Daily Caller)

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