Thursday, June 23, 2016

100 New Cops

Chicago, responding to the massively high “gun violence” stats, has added 100 new cops to their roster. 100 more guns in opposition to the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals. This while they have some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, and similarly high “gun violence” stats. They are a “showcase city” proving that the current idea of gun control not only does NOT work, it actually INCREASES gun crime. Their laws are so tight that many have been declared unconstitutional. But they then make new ones to do the same things until the new ones are declared unconstitutional. Then they do it again. Like other cities run by liberals, they have high crime rates, and they try and try (unsuccessfully) to bring it down, proving (again) their incompetence. Just look at ANY liberal-ruin city and you'll see similar evidence of incompetence in governing. So don't go to Chicago unless you have a death wish, of a gun nobody knows about. (MRC TV)

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