Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Racially Excluded

You'd think, in a Chicago gun buy-back “dog and pony show,” that guns owned by white people would be as welcome as guns from black people, wouldn't you? Not even! They systematically turned away EVERY gun offered by a white person while accepting similar guns brought in by black people. I wonder why? Maybe they realize that most white people who own guns don't use them to commit crimes, while black people do, more often than not. Or maybe they're just racists. The exclusions were accomplished by a “surly female” from the mayor's office, so you can probably assume, on goof evidence, that they were excluded by order of the mayor. Is he finally revealing his racism? One wonders. Democrats are the worst racists, historically, while they ACCUSE Republicans, who voted FOR the Equal Rights Amendment while Democrats actually tried to BLOCK it. Of course, they'll deny their racism, but the facts make liars of them, as so often happens. (Guns Save Lives)

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