Thursday, June 23, 2016

Real Gun Facts

Anti-gun fools give you all kinds of phony “facts.” These are facts liberals would rather you didn't know. One: Background checks do NOTHING to STOP gun violence. Many mass shooters have PASSED background checks because they don't (yet) have a record. And the others don't get their guns legally. They either buy them ILLEGALLY, or steal them. Thus not having to undergo a background check,. MAYBE a background check lets the cops find the shooter later, but that does nothing for those he kills Two: More people killed with blunt or sharp instruments than ever with guns. But the anti-gun fools don't talk about that. Then they'd have to ban all blunt or sharp instruments, which even they realize would be impossible. Three: They tell you legally-owned guns never stop “gun crime.” But guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people have been used 760,000 times a year in self defense in America. Four: “Gun-free zones” do NOTHING to stop “gun crime.” People who want to victimize others with guns routinely IGNORE such “zones,” whether they're set up by law, or merely the “policy” of a private company. Gun crazies SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to kill people because they know there probably won't be any guns there in the hands of the victims. More detail can be found in the linked article. (Breitbart)

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